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Heavy Feather Vol. 6
7in W x 10in H. 128 pages. Black & white. Cover by Eleanor Davis.

Fiction by James Brubaker, Zachary Doss, Laura Hendrix Ezell, Tina May Hall, Justin Hamm, Sean Lovelace, and Kami Westhoff. Poetry by Sara Adams, Kailey Alyssa, Ryan Bollenbach, Jacqueline Boucher, Nathan Wade Carter, Anne Champion, Kamden Hilliard, merritt k, C.M. Keehl, Maggie Millner, David Need, T.A. Noonan, Emily O’Neill, MJ Santiago, Dennis James Sweeney, and David Wojciechowski. Essays by A.A. Balaskovits, Karen Craigo, Natalie Cunningham, and Torrey Peters. A hybrid by Melissa McDaniel. Poetry comics by Catherine Bresner, Chris Holdaway, and Colleen Kolba. Interior two-page spread illustration by Sara Lautman. Features Story Prize winner Kristen Gleason’s “Monument” (selected by Joanna Ruocco).

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