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  • From Vol. 9: “80,” a short story by Stephen Dixon

    From Vol. 9: “80,” a short story by Stephen Dixon

    He wakes up, gets his cellphone off the night table and opens it to look at the time. 3:02. He’s been asleep for less than an hour. An hour ago he checked the time after lying in bed awake for almost three hours. 2:05. So he’s gotten an hour’s sleep tonight. He’ll probably lie in…

  • Stephen Dixon’s LATE STORIES

    Stephen Dixon’s LATE STORIES

    In Stephen Dixon’s intricate story cycle Late Stories, author and retired university teacher Phil Seidel exists alone in the Baltimore home where he and his late wife Abby raised their daughters. Though Phil exercises at the YMCA, shops at the local market, and occasionally dines at his favorite restaurants, he struggles to venture any more…