Big Enough to Step Inside

As if

Applesauce for the new trifecta
Back of the fridgerator all over my bomb
Crab colored fissure all over my lip smac
Damn that halter absented
Every crème crème brûlée
Forget the face, cut to the jump off
Get douche bag
Hamburger oh
Inside a basement cicisbei
Jelly all over my infj j
Knock when yr teeth crack
Loopy, blue, arty, full
My Myspace space theorem: I am
Negligee for the never mornin
On top are the letters, no
Point but a bee bop
Quarantined from my uniq
Raiding bread stick cafeteria corner
Slushee like raspberry like blue cherry angels
Titties like pubert
Up my Abercrombie beau
Vicious like my Smirnov
Winking from the bottom, shallow
Xan girl on top of the zerox
You fuzzy gynecology
Zilching at my schnozz


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Xan Schwartz is a second-year MFA student at Cleveland State University. She spends her time listening to Joanna Newsom and tutoring fellow students at the Cleveland State Writing Center. Her poetry has been published in The Periphery magazine.

Images: Xan Schwartz

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