Big Enough to Step Inside

I, I, I, I, I, I

ate three bedtimes
cow tipped the hoo-ha
head circled energy line
looking for a straight answer

Goth pop, sarcasm, motivational
quotes—things could be worse:
I eat shit from the apple orchard
shit pies out the dog walker, cram

bees up my busy body, horror
as my calming agent
Kitchen knife and
a glass of water—I could do

something with it. Call out a pull,
snap my Xanax in half
as a cheerleader for a
small band of snails

My boyfriend is a
hairy train wreck
“It’s amazing you’re open, you
anomaly, you fruit fly.” A

baby and elders
Waves and elbows. Berries.
I hate to say the horse jumped
over the cattle

I really hate the tone of their eyes
What, then, shall I be proud of?
I hate to be funny, hate promises
Fat rolling China through my fingers

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