Heavy Feather Vol. 6

Table of Contents


‘Monument’ by Kristen Gleason
Story Prize Champion
Selected by Joanna Ruocco

The Natural Man
The Barbecue Supply Store
One Word For It
Zachary Doss

Children in the Middle Ages
First Lesson in Vietnam, 1987
Old Men Laughing on a Park Bench in Early October
Justin Hamm

H.G. Wells and The Present Crisis in Human Affairs
James Brubaker

Until We Surface
Kami Westhoff

Horse Girls
Melissa McDaniel

Laura Hendrix Ezell

The Manager
Sean Lovelace

Exhibit #408 from The Extinction Museum—Bisected baseball with cork center, two layers of beige yarn, white horsehide cover stained with dirt and grass, black and red stitching, unraveling
Exhibit #79 from The Extinction Museum: Syringe filled with pearly liquid
Tina May Hall



Earth Works
Natalie Cunningham

Fat Marshal
Fat Mosaic
Fat Paragraphs
Karen Craigo

How I Helped You Fly with Pearls in Your Guts
A.A. Balaskovits

Torrey Peters



What I Meant When I Handed You the Key
merritt k

Impossibly Large Horn
Nathan Wade Carter

hunting ground
Kailey Alyssa

Two Poems (Print Only)
Maggie Millner

Some Are Good People
MJ Santiago

Mar 12th 2011
Mar 15th 2011
Mar 26th 2011
Apr 2nd 2011
Four Sonnets from Goodnight Irene
David Need

sometimes the word for tender isn’t tender
sometimes the word for tender isn’t tender
Ryan Bollenbach

Head Librarian
Love Poem
His Heart Was Shit
Sara Adams

Principia // Love Song for Faye Valentine
T.A. Noonan

Jacqueline Boucher

70°5’S 65°40′E
70°45′S 12°30′E
76°58′S 148°45′W
75°14′S 45°45′W
69°22′S 139°1′E
Dennis James Sweeney

an act of desperation
abode alone in suburbia// chaos terrain
C.M. Keehl

[In this dream I’m running a dream farm]
[There weren’t as many gunfights]
[Boy wakes up]
David Wojciechowski

Preparing My Own Death
Emily O’Neill

Anne Sexton Prepares for the End
Anne Champion

GOAT Theory
Kamden Hilliard



Up Late
Colleen Kolba

Sara Lautman

Excerpt from CODE: EQUINOX
Chris Holdaway

Election Year
Catherine Bresner





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