The last time I went over to JJ’s house, I was about nine or ten. I said something about another one of our friends. JJ got really mad at me, and took out a foam sword. I knew what was coming, so I curled up into a ball on the floor and covered my head with my hands.

JJ whipped me with the sword for about half an hour. I remember thinking to myself that everything would be fine, he was my friend, and once this was over we would have fun again. All I had to do was stay curled, and it wasn’t so bad.

JJ only stopped because his dad came downstairs and found us. He looked very angry. He sent me home with about three words. My mother didn’t let me go back to JJ’s house again, but I still played with him sometimes at school, until it became clear that he was popular and I wasn’t, and he stopped knowing my name.

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