HFR Nominations for Best of the Net 2023

Nominations: Best of the Net 2023

The editors have nominated the following selections for the Best of the Net 2023 anthology by Sundress Publications. Thanks to the writers below for entrusting us with their work! Gratitude also to the editors at Sundress Publications for compiling the annual anthology.

Bon appétit:


Estelle Bajou’s “A Fixture at Other People’s Parties”

sterling-elizabeth arcadia’s “girls against god”

Jeffrey Hecker’s “Netflix Closed Captioning”

Dhwanee Goyal’s “This Sultry Thing Called Home”

Romana Iorga’s “Fairy Tale”

E.A. Midnight’s “mundane objects: the therapist’s office”


Chris George’s “Ghost Town”

Margaret Redmond Whitehead’s “Bear, Flower, Ferryman”


Sher Ting’s “Cordyceps”

Jared Joseph’s “Excerpts from Rose Mask”


Rachel Busnardo’s “The Borg EP”

Angus Woodward’s “Palmerland: BNA’s Ellis Island”

Nance Van Winckel’s “DON’T CHIDE THE HOOTCH”

Image: jpt.spe.org

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