Best of the Net 2021 Nominations

We’re very excited to announce our nominations for Best of the Net 2021. The super talented Gray Hunt has laid them out across vaporwave designs. Please enjoy reading some of the best work we’ve published online this year.

More about the anthology:


“Indigo Froth” by Benjamin Niespodziany

“A Power or Ability of the Kind Possessed by Superheroes” by Kathleen Rooney

“On Catfish,” a poem by Ryan Keeney

김장 by Eddie Kim

“greetings from televillage” by Ariel Clark-Semyck

“Lessons Unlearned” by Colby McAdams


“Cobweb Lake” by Hernán Ortiz

“Dolphin Adventure” by Robert Long Foreman


“The Human in Me” by Amanda Gaines

“An Offering of Space” by Whitney Kerutis

Gray Hunt, or Grayson, is a peculiar human who has spent the majority of their life writing, reading, and obsessing over fictional characters. After the life-changing event that was Lord of the Rings, they couldn’t stay away from the fantasy genre and wrote a book, which at this time is in editing. Lover of dogs, sweets, and manga, you can find them playing video games in their basement until 3 a.m.

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