Shirts or Skins, a 2014 poetry chapbook by Jim Redmond

Table of Contents

Part I

Shirts or Skins
Giving Nietzsche to a Young Boy
Discount Tire Apocalypse
Exegesis of Crow
Colossus, Detroit
You’ve Seen
Latter Days
Minus 14
An Old Friend Calls


Part II

Late-Night Diaspora
Drug Summer
At the Drive-In Theater (Blue Velvet)
Director’s Commentary
After-the-Music Music
Do Not Pass Go
In Search of Weldon Kees
Year of the Rat
Cloud Gate, Chicago
Sleeping Jesus
A Town Called Panic
Vanishing Point


Part III

Natural Law
Indoor Plumbing
At the Learning Annex
Square One
Everything Must Go
The Last Samurai


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