Seafaring Split, 2016 poetry chapbooks by Jessica Q. Stark and Kiley McLaughlin

Strange Beasts

With all the morning
bees we caught fleeing
from ziplocks held high
above our heads I felt
lighter than a pixie dust
chugging contest in the
back of third period
waiting for Mr.
Fletcher to turn us out
for a better office
Didn’t you know the
way I shook the time
the leaves talked back
to me outside Pierce
Hall the way the petals
of each dandelion juror
unfurled to reveal these
strange beasts We
taught the things we
called bees to float up
into the sky to burst
into individual bundles
of paper to carry our
notes downward down
back towards the dirt of
the Earth back towards
the ground below
our boots to sprout
something bigger than
both of us Some
creature too large for
those plastic bags to


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