Seafaring Split, 2016 poetry chapbooks by Jessica Q. Stark and Kiley McLaughlin

ALICE: where are my standards of beauty, what is the name of my horse


at this point we’re just
meteor bait,
hair nearby the color of lactation,

that same kind of stain.


this language is unkind
this whelp making skirts from longer skirts
in the likeness of someone well-hung:

madonna of the scene of our latest humiliation.

just be in the inner throat of the room,
saying not a drop of sangoree.

wander up town and break
each crest with a mild burn

break each heart with a mention of the party

how felled how eaten and niptuck

the niptuck postively amorous.

our vocal apparatus shapes and flakes out
pushing the air into those same holdings:
madonna of the perspiring array,

our lady the man tamer
lordlier in the sweat,

young woman of the wilted pile,

of the smooth and then smooth
of the smile and bomb
of the very fine saliva petal sheen
the strange shape only seen


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