Seafaring Split, 2016 poetry chapbooks by Jessica Q. Stark and Kiley McLaughlin

Etymology:  < SUB- prefix + WAY n.1 In sense 2 perhaps shortened < SUB-RAIL-
WAY n. 2
1.a. Chiefly Brit. An underground tunnel providing access to convey etcetera.

1822 Morning Chron. 5 Nov. For access to the workmen: subways, sewers, and drains.
1845 J. WILLIAMS Sub-railways London 4 The construction of clean, dry, Sub-Ways to get to the sewers.
1899 Proc. City Council Minneapolis 8 Sept. 519/2 Pipes to a subway of brick.
1943 Triumphs of Engin. 187/2 There are nearly 12 miles of service subways in London. to The Dean and Chapter of St. Paul’s in Ram-alley. One subway, an expenditure of £11,728.

b. A tunnel beneath a road, river, railway, permitting easy movement from one side to the other.
The usual term in North America is tunnel.

1831 S. LEWIS Topogr. Dict. Eng. III. 144/2 The idea of forming a subway under the bed of the Thames, with the opposite shore at Old Gravel lane, revived Mr. Brunel.
1869 Bradshaw’s Railway Man. XXI. 451 Thames Subway. Incorporated for making and maintaining the Isle of Dogs. Length, 582 yards, with various roads and approaches.
1884 Law Times Rep. New Ser. 51 540/1 There was no bridge or subway for passengers to cross the line.
1963 Times 24 May 16/6 A future subway linking the triangle with the Radcliffe Infirmary and passing under Woodstock.
1988 Frontline (S. Afr.) Apr. 24 There are two subways under surface crossings, some 300m apart.

 2. A subsidiary slipway constructed of rails.


a place that makes awesome subs but won’t help u lose wieght as well as they say. (see
e.g. subway is one of the best places to know of I eat.
by jay August 03, 2003



The Tunnel is a very large and rounded entrance located around the pelvis. Many things enter, but none come out. Never go near the Tunnel.
e.g. The Tunnel makes the Black Mamba look like a worm.
by The Biggest Tunnel June 19, 2010


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