Facts about Snakes & Hearts, a 2015 poetry chapbook by Flower Conroy


Not you but my mindfeast of you, the phantom image of you
enough—enough for my pores to zzzzz with paresthesia,
to thunderstrike & render me bereft as glaciers halv-
ing. Render: misted votive; to surrender, as the wick does.
Alone: letters flanking a sigh—0—on an empty, lean lane.
This mind you now dominate, your fingertips stripping a grape-
fruit, grapefruit oil dissipating from your silhouette into
gold air. Echo: worship at an invisible temple’s door.
As in, I revisit this vacancy crushed by the sublime.
Sublime: also, revise. To oblige is to bind: the leaf mis-
taken for wing the spider forces its silk around, is bound.
Is, too, boundary. Triggerer of affairs dreamt: you. Promise—
the vastness, sublimation, when I reenter the room, strick-
en as a bell, I’ll be fed by lambent image—acolyte,
in the serving room, the cold-lit yes the brass bed made of not.


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