Facts about Snakes & Hearts, a 2015 poetry chapbook by Flower Conroy

Facts about Snakes & Hearts

Teeth are sharper than eyes & pointing
backwards; eyes wide as dream.    

Body that is flexible & limbless & purely

Finite tissue circumnavigating the entrance hall, the little belly,
what of the seeping mysterious pores?

Interred in silence, egg-like, it waits to begin hatching.

A swimmer born swimming. 

Some walls are thicker. 

The lampheart moves around in the body, though by whose will,
whose spirituous flame? 

Turning skin inside out.

Though it take a lifetime, the heart propels to the moon
& back whilst a black mamba zips through space. 

A kitchen faucet gushing for at least 45 years, that is what my 11
ounces contains. Everything but the hair & claws.

To be & to be & to not be a vessel. To continue beyond in air. 
A thread. 

200 train tank cars or 1,500,000 barrels’ worth, everywhere blood.
Except the corneas. In trees, underground, in waters
of lakes & seas, in ancient continents & filling cavities.

Deep brilliant-hued & striking-pattern sleep after an elephant-
ine meal.

A tongue in constant motion.

It is the flute & not its music. 

Transplanting may or may not mean what you think
it means. Also, coldblooded.


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