Facts about Snakes & Hearts, a 2015 poetry chapbook by Flower Conroy

These Atoms We Share

Frisson: betwixt horizon & offshore the sea calls itself offing.
Thick applications, yours is the Roanoke moon worth saving. 
A porcelain goat stares into the same matrices of scenery & sky.
With each incantation, an incarnation: a glass temple falling.
But in carnations & bananas: spider eggs; in hollowed seeds, violins.
In petto in the oldest forest, wind noise mimicking the crickets.
Sip ye from the fountain & drink until your thirst vanquishes.
And go ye like a stegodon draped in godhead to the sunken pagoda,
where agape eels thread the drowned tangle of the lilies’ roots.
Be mindful of frequencies, the grass’ aphrodisiac-tipped spears
& lie with me indistinguishable, enmeshed in universe & flesh.


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