Facts about Snakes & Hearts, a 2015 poetry chapbook by Flower Conroy

Nude in Decomposing Forest

i. what the woodland creatures wanted of her



mine mine mine  gold nut  no no inedible locket
pick her pocket  seed  seed  no no  worry beads
comb her hair comb her hair  bite her lip
nibble  nibble her fingertip



your fat    ah thighs    your psst thistle eyes      your  almost sh sighs



I’m so tired of beauty. Violet faced, wincing. You
dream static. Is it perplexing to be blue? In the beginning
it was monsters and trees. Now it is the human
shape in the leaves. Perspiration I lick from your skin.



A moth lands on the back of your knee, anodizes
you, too, with wings. Are you dreaming? Are you cold?
Your blouse, hooked in tree branches. Your shoes, by the river.
Your basket, floating downstream. How creamy your hair, silk
for my nest. Just a strand or two …



nothing  nothing  nothing  just the obstacle course of your bones


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