Black Lives Matter Editing Services


We at Heavy Feather Review are aware we are a majority-white staff, and are working ethically to change this operation. We can and will do better.

We welcome any input from the lit community and stand in solidarity with the necessary and important work by Black organizers and organizations for the betterment of society. We continue to look for work which emphasizes these same objectives in writing, and work with publishers pressing for social change.

In addition to our #NoMorePresidents feature which continues to publish Black voices online (among other marginalized voices), we always encourage reviews of books by Black authors, support Black-owned publishers, and run a shared internship program with Wright State University of Dayton, Ohio, to give opportunities to emerging writers.

As we discuss the changes in publishing to come, HFR wants to contribute immediately to helpful causes. Any donation of $5 or more to places like BLM, CoC, SPLC, and ACLU, makes you eligible to submit one poem/short prose/hybrid piece (~1500 words) for general commentary (track changes and/or two to three comments) from the editors. There is no other fee to apply. For those interested simply show us you donated to one such organization and use Submittable. This effort will continue indefinitely. Please allow time for response.

Black lives matter.







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