Breaking: Dorothea Lasky Selects Jessica Q. Stark’s THE LIMINAL PARADE as Double Take Poetry Champion

Stark Jessica
Pictured: Jessica Q. Stark, author of THE LIMINAL PARADE

Dorothea Lasky, author of ROME (Liveright, 2014), has selected Jessica Q. Stark’s The Liminal Parade to win the Volume 5 Double Take poetry contest. As the grand prize winner, Stark will receive $250, a printed copy of the issue, a lifetime digital subscription to HFR, and her manuscript will be published in HFR Volume 5 in winter 2016.

Stark is a doctoral student in the English department at Duke University, where she studies the intersections between contemporary poetry and comic books. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the The Invisible Bear, a poetry and visual arts review based in Durham, North Carolina, and she organizes the Little Corner Poetry Reading Series. Her work has previously been published in Potluck Magazine, Tipton Poetry Journal, and Big River Poetry Review, among others.

Stark joins past winners Leslie Parry (Kiddo, selected by Jac Jemc and published in 4.2), Flower Conroy (Facts about Snakes & Hearts, selected by Kristina Marie Darling and published in 4.1), Colin Winnette (Follow Through, selected by Lucy Corin and published in 3.3), Jim Redmond (Shirts or Skins, selected by Noah Eli Gordon and published in 3.2), and Ryder Collins (The way the sky was now, selected by Amber Sparks and published in 3.1).

We are pleased to name a winner and to give this awesome manuscript a home. In addition to Stark’s manuscript, the editors have selected Kiley McLaughlin’s ACTION ACTION PRAISE and Ryan Mills’ Ryan Mills at the Torture Museum as runner-ups and these manuscripts will appear alongside Stark’s in Volume 5 as Editors’ Choices.

Finalists for the contest were:

Mark Baumer of Providence, Rhode Island, with Be careful
Jennifer Hanks of New Orleans, Louisiana, with Ghost Skin
Kiley McLaughlin of Berkeley, California, with ACTION ACTION PRAISE
Ryan Mills of Portland, Oregon, with Ryan Mills at the Torture Museum
Rachel Stoker of New York, New York, with A Gesture Wanting Touch

Per their achievement, each finalist is guaranteed to receive special mention in the issue as well as other prizes, including a lifetime digital subscription to the journal and a printed copy of the issue.

Our next contest announcement is coming soon and will be in the short story genre. We look forward to editing the issue and to getting it to the printer and are honored so many entrants let us read their work for the new prize. We hope to build on this success in the next issue as we get ready to read your fantastic fiction.

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