Heathcliff Explained 11/14/2013



Heathcliff’s idea of performance art is to recline like a teenager in front of PornHub, gigantic phallic object torturing dogs who have a hard time breathing. The art snobs who hang at Art Gallery are hip to Heathcliff’s latest piece, but why shouldn’t they be? Art Gallery doesn’t usually hang anything more significant than the award-winning paintings of Elementary School’s first grade class, and in today’s America, every first grader wins a prize.


Paul Arrand Rodgers was a contributor to Heavy Feather Review issue 1.1. In addition, his poetry and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in KnockoutJMWWMonkeybicycle, and elsewhere. Follow Heathcliff Explained on Tumblr, then check out Date with a Wrestler and Fear of a Ghost Planet.

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