Heathcliff Explained 11/7/2013


Heathcliff found a pack of nicotine gum and is using it to complete the pest control man’s job, the slow murder of one of the Nutmeg residence’s thousands of rats. Heathcliff will succeed in reminding the rat horde of the natural order. The pest control man, out his pack of gum, will once again take up smoking. This drives a wedge between him and his wife, and will later lead to his starring in a series of non-smoking PSAs funded by a tobacco corporation.


Paul Arrand Rodgers was a contributor to Heavy Feather Review issue 1.1. In addition, his poetry and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in KnockoutJMWWMonkeybicycle, and elsewhere. Follow Heathcliff Explained on Tumblr, then check out Date with a Wrestler and Fear of a Ghost Planet.

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